It's never too late to make your dreams a reality...after all you are a human "becoming", ever evolving, ever adapting, ever reaching....all it takes is your willingness to put forth a lot of hard work.... --Deanna V. Amirante


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Designs by dVa…the beginning

My professional background, for over 20 years, was in commercial and residential construction. I loved working on projects and seeing them come together from their rough beginnings to a beautiful and functional finished product. Seeing all the parts and pieces and colors and textures come together had a very profound effect on me; so much so that I started my college career majoring in Architecture. Designing has always been a passion for me; and as much as construction design and interior design had a special place in my heart, I found as time went on, a different kind of design was calling me...and it wasn’t architecture.

My motivation for change first came to me when I designed a set of four all occasion cards for Mother’s Day. The inspiration for those cards came from my grandmother, Leona, and her love of butterflies. I lovingly named this set of cards “The Leona Collection” after her. I then went on to name each of the designs after my mother, myself, and my two daughters. The reaction of friends and family about what I had created not only inspired me, but also gave me the motivation and courage to focus on my love of creativity and design and take it in a different direction. It was then that I went on to make this change a reality. Hence, Designs by dVa was born.