It's never too late to make your dreams a reality...after all you are a human "becoming", ever evolving, ever adapting, ever reaching....all it takes is your willingness to put forth a lot of hard work.... --Deanna V. Amirante


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Deanna's Story

From Construction Sites to Digital Designs

Designs by dVa…the beginning

With a professional history that spans over 20 years in the commercial and residential construction industry, Deanna V. Amirante harbored a love for design long before the inception of her brand, Designs by dVa. Captivated by the transformation of raw materials into beautiful, functional spaces, Deanna initially pursued studies in architecture. While construction and interior design fascinated her, fate had a different creative path in mind.

The turning point came when Deanna crafted a set of all-occasion cards for Mother's Day, inspired by her grandmother Leona's love for butterflies. Naming this heartfelt collection "The Leona Collection," Deanna extended the sentimental tribute by naming each design after the important women in her life: her mother, herself, and her daughters. The overwhelmingly positive reactions from friends and family ignited her passion and courage, compelling her to pivot her creative focus.

Thus, Designs by dVa was born, marking a shift from building architectural spaces to digitally crafting visual art. With over 10 years dedicated to perfecting the art of surface pattern design, Deanna has become a master of creating repeat patterns and motifs that both adorn and transform a variety of surfaces. Her designs flow effortlessly across a wide range of applications—from wallpapers and wall art to wrapping paper and fabric, each design serving as a statement piece that imbues elegance and vitality into its surroundings.

Central to Designs by dVa is a brand philosophy built on the values of boldness, elegance, minimalism, and trustworthiness. Each creation speaks volumes about Deanna's lifelong passion for design, always aligned with the brand's tagline: "Turning Spaces into Statements, One Design at a Time."

Elevating the everyday into the exceptional, Designs by dVa continues to make life more beautiful, one design at a time.